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Printing Abilities

Most common materials we offer

Whether its your file or an idea you have us bring to life, here are the most common materials we have. If you have other questions on these materials or have a different material you would like us to try, we are more than happy to answer all questions!

PLA (Polylactic acid)

Most Popular

Polylactic acid is an extremely popular material used in the 3D printing world due to its ease of printing and relatively cheap cost. PLA comes in a wide variety of colors and features. While it is arguably one of the easiest to use, it tends to be fairly brittle and will warp under hot conditions.

Most commonly used for prototyping, modeling, and for varying hobbyist purposes.

Variations include:

  • PLA+ - enhanced PLA designed to have increased mechanical properties

  • LW PLA - similar to PLA, but much lighter weight

  • Silk PLA - PLA with a shiny surface

  • Glitter PLA - shiny particles in standard PLA

  • Glow in the dark PLA - Standard PLA that glows

  • Carbon Fiber PLA - Increased rigidity, decreased flexibility. Great for shells or supports not meant to bend

  • Translucent PLA - When a low infill and fine layer height is used, this creates a glowing appearance

  • Metal and Wood PLA - contain particles of metal or wood to create that materials appearance

Printing Plastic Skull

TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane)

Flexible and durable

Thermoplastic polyurethane is extremely durable and flexible, and has a high resistance to chemicals and abrasive materials. This material stretches and flexes like rubber, and has the ability to help dampen impact and vibrations. TPU is available in a wide variety of colors.

Most common applications are for high performance uses like seals, gaskets, prosthetics.

3D Printed Models

PETG (Polyethylene Terephthalate flycol-modified)

Highly resilient

Another very common plastic used in the 3D printing world, PETG has a high resistance to heat and chemicals, is more durable than PLA, and has the ability to flex a little bit in impact situations. Available in translucent and a variety of colors.

Typical uses are in the food industry for drinking bottles or storage containers and in the medical field. Also very common in retailers for signage and point of sale due.

3D Printed Bottle

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****Please note while raw materials may be sold as food and medically safe, the printing process has not been verified to maintain the food and medically safe properties.****

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